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Ridesharing in Regina

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

We were recently involved in a successful effort to bring ridesharing to Regina.

Digital advertising

We worked with a local Regina business organization to confirm public support for ridesharing in Regina. Running a relatively inexpensive Facebook advertising campaign for only five days, we reached nearly 50,000 people in Regina, and had several hundred people in Regina sign the organization's online petition in support of ridesharing. The petition signatures gathered through online advertising were critical to showing Regina city council that people in Regina wanted ridesharing in their community.

Community organizing

Despite polling that showed nearly 90% of Regina residents supported ridesharing, the loudest voices in the public discourse on the topic had mostly been from the taxi companies. 

We worked with others in the community to organize a significant contingent of speakers that voiced their support for companies like Uber and Lyft in front of Regina city council, and organized several other supporters of ridesharing to attend the city council meeting where council passed the ridesharing framework.

Media relations

​One of the best ways to tell a story is often through the media - especially when it is a local issue, like ridesharing. 

We sent out press releases and conducted several interviews with local media (on-camera, web, and radio stories) in effort to show the public's wide support for ridesharing in Regina. Working with the media to tell your side of a story is a critical piece to ensuring your issue gets the attention it deserves.

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